17 thg 4, 2011

Dress Me Sunshine !

Vintage Noton's blazer & Accessorize sandal

 I had an wonderful sunday. Sunny-day always makes me feel better, dont know why. So i dressed-up like the little sunshine :). HoChiMinh city 's weather is really ugly today, hot temperature makes me look like orange ice-cream haha. 

I got this nice dress in HoiAn (wonderful old town i told before), they made it just in half day and there you go. Cant believe this dress fits me perfectly!

Accessorize's ring & bracelet, vintage necklace

New Accessorize rings & earing i've got

 Its so expensive when i have no other way to buying these magazines here :( !!!

Have a nice sunny day everyone ;) ! Kiss <3

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  1. So cute babeee à !!!

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  2. trông thích lắm cô gái à :) - Anh Kỳ ;)

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  3. I think you may try this pose next time babe


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  4. Big thanks to all my friends for your support <3 !!

    To chị Pop: oh beautiful! Em có thử sáng nay rồi hihi. I will post it, chị nhớ cmt cho em xem hình thế nào nhé chị <3. always love to read your cmt :). P/s: em cố ko muốn chụp giống cái kiểu bay bay bây giờ, hate it much :(

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  5. I love love love your dress! The pop of blue in the accessories is so nice. :)

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  6. Stefany: thank you ! I love deep blue color :)

    Bonbon: Thanks, i love love ringsss !

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  7. wonderful look! the blazer is amazing with the dress , love it :) and im following your blog, like it a lot :)


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