5 thg 5, 2011

Up In The City

Lazzeee ! I apologize for my laziness for not updating lot of my new photos to you lovely! . But sometimes you have to take a break to get back on the highway-to-hell rite? For sure to High-Hell.

since i went in Hanoi for almost a week , i had a chance to came here, 19th floor restaurant and bar. This is such peaceful and quite place, far away from the noise and crowded as you wished million times that you could get away from these bad things always brings you down to earth. So here i come <3

Wearing Zara E.T shirt and spring flower legging with Vans shoes.


Hat bought in Hoian.

Hope you guys enjoy your summer. My birthday is comming arrr. 8 May. With love !

Ps: To My Pop girl, my top pic is what you said i might try. so whats your thought , tell me ;) ?!

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  1. :) lần nào xem cũng chỉ biết khen đẹp thôi :)
    Anh Kỳ

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  2. To Anh Ky: Oh trời, ngại quá. Cám ơn Kỳ <3.

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  3. Such a cool outfit!


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  4. nice blog! i would like to have new blogger friends! I always follow back = )

    kisses from La Mode En Rose = )

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